The Monday Monologue - No.2

08 Aug 2012 Comments 0

I recently discovered a classically trained pianist called Valentina Lisitsa, a 39 year old Ukrainian who started playing the piano at age 3 and performed her first solo recital at age 4 (WHAT!?). She was literally and quite obviously born with her brain hard wired for hitting the ivories as the video below will show you. The one thing that one thing that I realized when watching a whole bunch of her youtube video was that a really talented musician transcends all genres. At a certain point a person just becomes a master musician full stop, and it doesn't matter whether they're playing the harpsichord, a cow bell, or just singing a cappella vocals - humans just naturally gravitate to that kind of skill and gift, despite their own tastes and preferences. It's a beautiful part of our humanity.



I postposed my usual Monday Monologue post by one day so that I could write about the show at the Durban launch of my new album which happened last night at the Gateway Barnyard theatre. I can't thank enough the people that came through on a Monday night and braved the rainy weather to come hear the new songs and see the new band. We had such a fantastic response and I feel so humbled that you all embraced the new songs like you've heard them a hundred times before. To all of you that have bought either the digital download or the physical album, thank you so much, and I can't to hear what you think!




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