A very chilled Wednesday morning, tracking a Black Rhino...

13 Jun 2012 Comments 2



This was my last Wednesday after a night spent with this APU (Anti Poaching Unit):



These guys are such legends. Unfortunately I am not authorised to reveal anything about their operations but just know this, they do exhaustive, selfless work for very little money. There is a major war going on to protect our wildlife and these dudes are risking life and limb, in the most brutal conditions, because they care. I was priveledged enough to go on patrol till 230am, listening to their stories about how hard it is to make proper arrests and how poachers end up having more rights than they do. It's quite ridiculous and once again it points to a complete lack of interest from a government level. They told me stories about how, once they've made the arrest, the poacher would fall out of the van at the police station and scream that he has been assaulted and the APU guys would have to spend months fighting off criminal charges against them. It's so ridiculous. Makes my blood boil.


Please people, let's unite. Ask your local council to step up and allow the prosecution process to be unhampered by corruption and apathy. Let's make sure that any and all poachers be brought to sufficient justice in a timeous manner so that these heroes can get back out in to the field to carry on with the good fight.


Follow these good people and help where and when you can.


Wildlife ACT Fund http://www.wildlifeactfund.org

Wildlands Conservation Trust http://www.wildlands.co.za

Project Rhino KZN http://www.projectrhinokzn.org



And of course http://www.digicape.co.za for supplying the iPhone 4S that allowed me to document this.




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  • @RichardPctsa

    Hey Ard, brilliant to see some one of your stature and ability doing 'something' it !!!
    While you are not the guyz with the balaclava's on but you are putting it out there on another level..... keudo's

    June 13, 2012 at 16:58pm - Comment
  • Mike Jones

    awesome mate well done, and a BIG UP TO ALL THOSE GUYS PROTECTING OUR RHINOS.

    June 15, 2012 at 10:49am - Comment